Congratulations on Your CFB Garrison Posting!

The Canadian Armed Forces Base Edmonton Garrison is also known as the "Steele Barracks". It is the 3rd Canadian Division Support Base located a few minutes of the city, about 20 minutes east of the popular military town of Morinville, Gibbons, and Bon Accord which offer great properties with more affordable prices.

If you have never been to Edmonton, it is a great place to be posted. I am here to answer questions you may have including the best places to purchase a home on your house hunting trip, knowing you may be posted out at any time. I will ensure that the home you purchase will be the best for resale purposes, saving you time, money, and stress on your next HHT. Both Audrey Abuan, a relocation specialist, and Brandon-Lee Abuan are on the approved IRP REALTOR® list and have helped hundreds of military members and their families find the perfect home. Let's get started and make your house hunting trip a little less stressful and a bit more fun!

If you have any questions about buyer or selling, contact us anytime at 780-910-5179. We are here to help

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Buying When Posted to CFB Garrison

For all of our HHT clients, we ensure a member of our team is available to the military member 24/7, which means they receive the attention needed to make an informed and educated purchase, eliminating "house-buying" stress making a more enjoyable house hunting trip.

Prior to your home hunting trip (HHT), we understand your time is valuable and we will take steps needed to eliminate any wasted time. Before you arrive, we will already have.

1. Provided you with up to date market information on the areas you are most interested in

2. Provide you with tips and REALTOR® secrets on buying a perfect home that will keep or gain resale value

3. Pre-booked your property inspection with a certified property inspector who is also on the Approved Brookfield IRP list, avoiding time delays.

4. Preview and researched any properties which caught your attention prior to your arrival, to ensure there are no disappointments when you view them.

5. If needed, we can recommend accommodations for your HHT including hotels that cater to our military members.

6. If you have not started your pre-approval process, we have a few mortgage brokers in Edmonton who often handle mortgages for our military members and may be able to pre-approve you for a higher amount with your "Alberta Benefits or get you a better interest rate with the "military buy-down-rate.

If you have any questions about buyer or selling, contact our approved BGRS REALTOR® anytime at 780-910-5179. We are here to help.